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An event in New Zealand's history which associates with the people of Canada. Edward Gibbon Wakefield's role as a staff member for the Earl of Durham while in Canada after the 1837 rebellion. Wakefield's subsequent role in the New Zealand Land Company, which organized and dispatched from England the first group of immigrants who succeeded in establishing themselves in New Zealand in 1840. Wakefield and the Treaty of "Waitangi" by which act New Zealand became formally part of the British Empire. Subsequent events, war between the Maoris and the British, hostilities until 1870. New Zealand and responsible government. The role of both the Earl of Durham and Edward Gibbon Wakefield in establishing responsible government in New Zealand. Inspiration from the "Durham Report" which had led to the institution of responsible government in Canada. Canada and New Zealand, bound by intimate political ties and by statesmanlike personalities. A detailed description of the development of New Zealand follows, discussed under the following headings: Political and Educational Achievement; Social Security; Industry and Commerce; Trade with Canada; and Conclusion. Statistics and figures are included. Concluding remarks include comments on whether mankind has learnt very much from the two world wars it has suffered. The speaker's certainty of two things: that the unity, strength, democratic traditions and way of life of the British Commonwealth are examples that can serve the civilization of the world, and that if we really do want peace, the United Nations must be given power and vitality by active, informed and resolute public opinion. The part played by Peter Fraser, Prime Minister of New Zealand, in the initiation of the United Nations. Seeking a potent alternative to the courses that lead to war. Strengthening the ties between Canada and New Zealand.