Vladimir Putin

Mulholland, William D.

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A progress report on the Churchill Falls Project. Details and specifics of the Project in terms of the electrical energy that will be generated. Financial details. Construction. Standing at the halfway mark today. Monies left. Major contracts yet to be awarded. Incurred costs to date. Beginning commercial service on May 1, 1972. A discussion of one or two features of the Project which seem to foreshadow continuing development. The technique of carrying out large undertakings. The thoroughness of the planning for the Churchill Falls Project. The importance of good planning. What can be accomplished by concentrated effort. Detailed, meticulous planning in hand with an effective control and management information system. The need for ventures such as the Churchill Falls Project and the importance of developing the techniques for carrying them out successfully, whether they are private or public initiatives. Long term capital. Other projects such as the Arctic pipeline. A discussion of the possible construction of a facility for the isotopic enrichment of uranium. Details of such a project in Canada. Partnership relationships, as seen in the Churchill Falls Project. Moving toward bigness, complexity, and sophistication and the attendant greater importance of the quality of man and of his relationship with other men.