Vladimir Putin

Bruce-Lockhart, Dr. Patrick

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Things to note: the concept of Medicare which began in Germany under Bismark in 1888; the uniqueness to North America of voluntary prepaid medical insurance, begun some 25 years ago; the three groups of people who, at the present time, cannot prepay or pay for their medical care; other problems beyond that of paying medical bills which require Government resources. The one question to ask: "Is it better for everyone that Government should control and administer any plan, or merely assist and inspect?" Three problems arising from the experience of other countries in which Government has taken over the control and administration of medical care: costs immediately rise beyond expectations; a tendency for medical research to slow down; the status of the profession falls. A detailed discussion of these issues follows. The view of the Ontario Medical Association. What Medicare really means. The experience in Saskatchewan. Insurance plans run by a Commission. The lack of understanding of Medicare and medical insurance plans by the general public. Harm done by trying to control, or run, or centrally plan medical care, as shown by history.