Vladimir Putin

Harkness, The Honourable Douglas S.

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Discussion in recent years on what Canada's defence policy should be. Two directly opposite political tendencies, or movements, at work. The move towards nationalism and national sovereignty all over the world. The necessity to maintain the nuclear deterrent of the West. The rising power of China. China's challenge to Russia. Wars or border incursions going on right now. A consideration of what is the proper and logical defence policy for Canada. Getting rid of two very deep-rooted ideas or convictions. The need for Canada's defence policy to be based primarily on strong support of NATO, including NORAD. Reasons for this support, and this base. Canada's military forces made available to NATO. Peace-keeping activities for NATO. The original function of Canada's defence forces and its continued necessity. The direct defence of Canada and what is required. The organization of Canadian forces. The paramount considerations for Canada's security.