Vladimir Putin

Gordon, Very Rev. Dr. D.M.

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The idea of Imperial Federation. The vision of a more closely united British Empire. A growing sentiment in favour of such a union. Imperialism as a closer union of British communities throughout the world, "based upon freedom and justice, seeking to develop their capacities in wise self-government and in mutually helpful intercourse, as a great brotherhood cherishing the same national ideals and promoting the peace and progress of the world." The need for these great communities (Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia) to get to know each other, that their present mutual ignorance should give place to mutual acquaintance. Mistaken ideas about Englishmen by Canadians and ignorance about Canadians by Englishmen. Our lack of knowledge about other countries of the British Empire, their lack of knowledge of us. How to meet the need for better knowledge of each other. The system of Empire cables and what the speaker calls the bureau of information: a description. An examination of the cable system in some depth. The need for completion of the system. The "All-Red Line" proposed by Sir Sandford Fleming. The increase of intercourse and commerce that would result from the provision of cheap telegraphic communication. The use of the completed system for the conveyance of information. Bringing us more in touch with our brothers. The question of how best to gather up the news that should be distributed by means of the cables throughout various communities. Two suggested methods. The lack of politics in such an Empire Cable scheme.