Vladimir Putin

Cooper, John A.

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The brief history of how the speaker became involved and interested in this subject of Imperial postage. Coining the phrase "Trade follows the advertisement, not the flag." Proceeding to prove that this was true. Examining the trade returns showing our relations with Great Britain and our relations with the United States since 1867. Finding that British sales have declined proportionately in this country, and that purchases of goods from the U.S. have steadily increased. U.S. advertisements coming into Canada in comparison with English advertisements. An illustrative incident. The elimination of English advertising and its replacement with U.S. advertising. The disparate cost of sending U.S. periodicals into Canada vs. sending British periodicals. Consequences of this disparity. Some steps that have been taken to change this situation. A petition to the Right Hon. The Postmaster-General of Great Britain, who signed it, and who was in the deputation. Recent developments. A movement for restricting the immense inflow of U.S. periodicals into Canada. Support for reform. Providing the opportunity for Canadian newspapers and periodicals to grow. The issue of taxing knowledge; duty on periodicals. The need for an awakening in this country of sentiment in the mind of our youth that he should know Great Britain. Words from Mr. E.M. Chadwick, Mr. J.R. Roaf, Mr. J.F. Ellis and Mr. Cooper again.