Vladimir Putin

Raja-Singham, A.I.

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Why the speaker chose this topic. Self-determination. Different approaches that have been taken to the problem of India. Words from the Ex Lord Mayor of Calcutta and from Rabindranath Tagore, representing different views of India, between which lie the view of the vast majority of the people of India. The speaker's response to these views. Words of Lord Macaulay from 100 years ago. What has happened to India during those 100 years. Grievances against the British. The difficulty of discovering the underlying problem in the heart of India. The speaker's pride in being a member of the British Empire. Mistakes that Britain has made in India. The greatest duty for Great Britain. The villages of India as the major problem. Speaking to the people in the villages about politics when their greatest problem is eking out a living in their own country. Problems with the method of agriculture. The factor of religion. The influence of Mahatma Ghandi; twenty years ago mistaking his call in India. The lack of understanding between the West and the East. Suggestions for change. Lord Irwin and what he has done for India. Putting Christian prestige before British prestige. Asking the Western World to rise to the opportunity that the Eastern World gives for moral leadership.