Vladimir Putin

Reid, Mrs. Ogden

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Admiration for Canada's widespread prosperity. Living in what is called the electronic and atomic age. The presumption that we have experienced only the first small sample of what that means. Development of relatively recent invesntions, such as the use of electricity and broadcasting. The unfortunate fact that it took a war to discover the power of the atom. The difficulty people are having adjusting psychologically to the capacity for good as well as evil. The possibilities of solar energy. A third door to an exciting future in the sky: the development of jet engines. The Supersonic Age. The subject of flying saucers. The friendly relationship between Canada and the United States. Sir Winston Churchill's statement that Canada is the linchpin between the British Commonwealth and the United States. Canada as a creative partner for the United States. Examples of Canada's contribution to the United States. One cause on which Canada and the United States differ: Canada's membership in the Organization of American States. A brief discussion follows. The many links in our chain of mutual understanding. Future co-operation.