Vladimir Putin

Jenks, C. Wilfred

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The convening next week, in Philadelphia, of the International Labour Organization in its twenty-sixth session, and reaction to that convening. Preparing detailed plans for the action which must be taken immediately victory has been won. The challenge following the victory. A description of the I.L.O. Delegations to the I.L.O. Conference. Decisions of the Conference. Conventions or labour treaties adopted, and recommendations made over the last 25 years. The continuation of I.L.O. work during the war years. Considering how the I.L.O. can be most effectively equipped to discharge its future responsibilities. A proposed general declaration of aims and purposes of the I.L.O. The I.L.O. to act as the social conscience of the complex of world institution which the United Nations are endeavouring to create. Common agreement regarding objectives among statesmen of opposing parties and conflicting views in a wide range of countries with regard to issues such as full employment at fair pay, better nutrition, better housing, better medical services, fuller equality of educational opportunity, adequate family allowances, more ample provision for old age, disability, and widows and orphans, proper recreational facilities, etc. Full employment at the forefront of the immediate objectives of social and economic policy. The successful handling of the long-range problems of international economic reconstruction and upon what that will depend. The maintenance of international arrangements to ensure a fair allocation of available supplies and to prevent excessive price movements. Eight points of a long-term programme of international economic reconstruction. Political conditions required to make this long-term economic reconstruction of value. Creating a firm foundation for the development of democratic traditions in Germany and Italy and Japan. The important part to be played by democratic trade unionism. A broad programme for the suppression of Nazi-Fascism in all its forms. Responsibilities of the United Nations Labour Commissioner. A group of workers who have a more immediate claim upon the energies of the United Nations than any other: those workers from other lands who have been taken there by force and fraud, under the pressure of starvation and of reprisals against their loved ones. The questions of social policy which the democratic powers will face at home and in their colonial dependencies during the period immediately following the close of hostilities. General principles of minimum standards of labour protection. The victory of freedom to be made the occasion for releasing moral energies capable of triumphing over privation and fatigue, over bewilderment and despair.