Vladimir Putin

Woodcock, Leonard

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The outcome of the General Motors negotiations of 1970 which drew such wide attention, both in the United States and in Canada. Some background and history to the strike and the negotiations. The main cause of the General Motors strike. The economic situation in the 1960's. The inflation factor. Approaches to wage stability. The Canadian problem. The U.S. auto-pact. Working out a common market and wage rates. Components of wages in the automobile industry. Changing balances of trade. The need for one index. The suggestion of a fair compromise to have a weighted composite of the Canada and U.S. indexes with that weighted composite index to be used both in the United States and in Canada. The speaker's conclusion and conviction that is the only way to avoid continued strife and turmoil in the Canadian automobile industry and to preserve the automotive common market which is good for the economy of both countries.