Vladimir Putin

Pottie, Dr. Ross F.

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Canada's growing inability to compete with the rest of the world, and some reasons why that is happening. A consistent trade deficit in the higher value-added goods. Canada's rating in the last World Competitiveness Report. The strong correlation between spending on innovation and success in world markets. What innovation means. Reasons for Canada's low level of spending on research and development. Some statistics. A review of what has been done; the little impact it has made. Reasons why our progress has been so slight. Learning from other nations. The need for leadership: economic, financial, and technical. The lack of a national consensus, of a will for excellence. Finding ways to build on our strengths and achieve a national vision acceptable to all Canadians. Finding ways to capitalize on sources of excellence in Canada. Some suggestions for what we need to do to support research and development, and innovation in Canada. Initiatives of the National Research Council over the next five years, focusing on three broad areas. NRC as a catalyst only. What else is needed in all three sectors: industry, universities and government. A national strategy supported at ever level and funded on a long-term basis.