Vladimir Putin

Wigglesworth, The Honourable Richard B.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Some facts regarding basic Soviet motives. Looking for clues with respect to future actions by the Soviet Union in its past actions. The history of the last twenty years: forgetting it at our risk and peril. Details of what must not be forgotten. Developments that make all too clear the basic motives of the Soviet Union during the past 20 years. The motive of aggressive expansion. Aggressive expansion by subversion and the exertion of political pressure, or force if necessary. Remembering the fate of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania; the subversion of Czechoslovakia; the murder of Hungary's fighters for freedom; and Soviet broken promises including the agreement at the 1955 summit meeting regarding the reunification of Germany by free elections. Protecting the free world while trying to reach an agreement to disarm. A discussion of the issue of disarmament. Why some people believe that the Soviet Union is peace loving. The success and object of Soviet propaganda. What the West should do. The hope that Canada and the United States will stand together in countering the Soviet threat.