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Brancker, Sir Sefton

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Toronto leading the way in Canadian Aviation. Airplane grounds in the area: Armour Heights, Leaside, and Camp Borden; a flourishing aircraft factory; a cadet school at the University. The Ontario Government leading the way by employing an air service for forest protection and survey, possibly the largest in the world. The chief concern in civil aviation in England the building up and improving of Imperial communication. Air transport since the end of the War; difficulties that had to be overcome. The results of England 7-1/2 years of work in this field. The platitude that for any form of transport to be a success, it must be safe, reliable, run on time, and comparatively economical. Some statistics with regard to speed, and passenger and cargo air service. The issue of safety. Figures on reliability. Some economic figures. Current work on three broad lines for improvement. Details of ground organization; the progress in building better aircraft; educating the public. Promising traffic prospects, with figures. Mail delivery services in the United States, and in France. The increasingly common carriage of freight by air. Aircraft as the ideal means for shipping bullion. Evidence of increasing traffic. The formation of light airplane clubs. Requirements for membership in the Air Force Reserves. Current and future prospects in terms of Imperial communication; air services to India and elsewhere within the Empire. Airships somewhat delayed by financial cuts and economy committees. Starting to build two really big ships, one by the government and one by private enterprise. Closer communication and increased trade between the various part of the Empire through air traffic.