Vladimir Putin

Keyserlingk, R.W.

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Canada today in the position of having to adjust her government machinery to the requirements of applied sovereign nationhood simultaneously with the necessity of assuming the unprecedented responsibilities of a nation facing a world in upheaval. Gigantic forces at work reshaping, re-aligning and revising the very foundations of international society. An examination of the world in which we find ourselves, in order to realize what the problems of a peace, of Canada's peace, actually mean. The immediate question of the German peace settlement. Canada and the United States forming an oasis of almost unique privilege of freedom and material prosperity for the individual. How that is so, and the fact that it is an exception. The situation in Europe, as seen through the speaker's visit there last summer. The position of the United Kingdom. Upheavals in store for Asia once the "plaster cast of white-man's rule over native empire or colonies is removed." The expectation of violence. Africa slowly emerging from the old mould into which European colonisation has fitted that vast area. The shape which South America is taking. How Canada will be affected by the German peace treaty. Gaining a clear picture of the significance of this peace; two things to be emphasized. Two ways in which Europe is still very much a factor in determining the balance in a world where two rival and opposed ideologies are competing for positions and are struggling for survival. Some of the speaker's impressions of Europe; his witness of elections in Europe. The apparent contradictions of which is understood to be the left and right in politics in Europe. What determines a political position. Some words from Premier de Gasperi of Italy and of his rival, Palmiro Togliatti, the Communist leader. The crux of today's peace problem in which Canada has such a vital interest. A quote from the Hon. Paul Martin, Minister of National Health and Welfare. The need to deal with the German problem not from the point of view of solving immediate issues on the basis of expediency, but "in a manner best calculated to benefit Europe as a whole." The two rival concepts fighting in Europe. The question resolving itself very largely on where the so-called "Iron Curtain" will be drawn. The question as to why the two ideologies cannot be taken for granted and cooperation still exist. A brief examination of the two ideologies. Seeing today a world divergent into two forces separated by the vast masses of Europe who present in many respects a social and political vacuum. Filling that vacuum with a fine balance which will maintain a power equilibrium; letting time and inevitable change do much to lessen the tension. The danger if Western influence is further narrowed. How Germany will be fitted into a general picture which will not give the other side an overwhelming advantage. The desire to reconstitute Germany so it will not again become a danger to us. National animosities in Europe; a new factor--ideological demarcations. The responsibility of Canada in her young years of holding aloft the torch of freedom and of liberty. "Europe is indeed Canada's peace problem."