Vladimir Putin

Wilgress, L. Dana

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Imperial Preference and GATT: a misunderstood relation. A review and history of both, and their inter-relationship. The provision in GATT that no new preferences could be introduced, nor could existing preferences be increased. The draft charter for the International Trade Organisation. Some compromises reached, especially for the underdeveloped countries. The role of GATT. The slender legal foundation of GATT. The growth in size and influence of GATT. What binds GATT countries together. Canada's position with regard to tariff preferences. The effect on Canada of the emergence of two rival trading groups in Europe. Great Britain's relationship with Commonwealth countries, and with Europe. Canada's support of GATT. The introduction of the Marshall Plan in 1947, and its influence on U.S. economic policy. The Economic Co-operation Administration. The regional approach of ECA. The emergence of the European Economic Co-operation or OEEC. Differing tendencies in Europe. A review of further events affecting trade in Europe, and in the Commonwealth countries, and in the U.S. The present situation. The role of GATT in upcoming negotiations. The OEEC replaced by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). The opportunities for Canada to put forward her views in GATT, the OECD, and at Commonwealth meetings. Canada's concerns, and her opportunities.