Vladimir Putin

Armour, Stuart

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The great and often very bitter debate going on around the world today. The importance and consequences of that debate. The sort of world which will emerge from the terrible wreckage of the second world war. Who is engaged in this debate. The vital importance of the democracies emerging as the victors of this debate. Why the speaker, as a layman, seeks to take part in so great a controversy. A review of some remarks by Mr. Sumner Welles on world affairs. Whether we are to have peace, or a new world war, and upon what that is dependent. Communist propaganda and intrigue going on. Mr. Welles' call for "a positive policy" on the part of the democracies toward Russia. Examining the position of Canadians and the possibility that Canada may fall victim to Communism. The accident of geography that has placed Canada in the very centre of the world struggle. Evidence that Communism is on the move. The speaker's purpose today to explore some of the implications arising out of the possibility of Canada finding herself a satellite of Russia, or living within the Russian orbit. What the speaker means by an ideological conquest. A detailed discussion follows. Many topics are addressed, including the following. The possible character of a third world war. Speculation about intentions of the Kremlin. The situation in Russia. The impossibility of Canada remaining neutral in any clash between Russia and the West. Proof the opening phase of the ideological assault upon Canada began some years ago. Recent events. The nature of such ideological warfare. A look at the Communist Manifesto. Communist objectives. Evidence of progress towards those objectives. Our weapons against Communism. Ways in which Canada is a "soft spot" for the Russians. Canada lending itself to economic attack by Communism and how that is so. A look at the sort of world economic situation which Russian might conceivably develop at Canada's expense. Russia's present intentions towards the world economy. How world trade may be affected. The need to watch for every sign of Russia's intentions. Russia's attempt to capture markets in which the West has hitherto enjoyed a preferred position. Moscow's recent actions not giving much assurance that we are free from the threat of destructive Russian competition in world markets. Russia's refusal to ratify the resulting agreements at the meeting at Bretton Woods, also to enter into any of the more important international trade organizations sponsored by Britain and the United States in the hope of rescuing the world from economic chaos. The policy of non-discriminatory trade which the United States regards as essential to post-war multilateral trade as a result of the recently concluded Russo-Swedish trade agreement. The effect upon the democracies of an ideological conquest of Canada. What Canada could do in such a situation. The importance of the disclosures of Canada's Royal Commission on Espionage. A summation. The need for Canada to become alive to the dangers in which the post-war world abounds.