Vladimir Putin

Gini, Professor Corrado

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What is being attempted under Mussolini for the people of Italy. The statistics of Italy when the Fascist Party assumed the reins of power. Steps taken to remedy the chaotic state of affairs. The creation of the Central Institute of Statistics of the Kingdom of Italy. Responsibilities and function of The Central Institute. Mussolini's idea of the importance of statistics. The general trend of the white population, and the fundamental results of the recent scientific researches in this field. The future prospects if the demographic trend of Northern, Western, and Central Europe is destined to manifest itself and become accentuated. An examination of the steps taken by the Government and by local administrations to implement propulsive policy with regard to population. Laws, incentives, and deterrents to encourage births amongst those of Italian nationality. Laws for protection of maternity and infancy. Bonuses granted by communes for each child after the sixth or eighth, and paid until the child is fifteen years. Propaganda that has been carried out to support these policies.