Vladimir Putin

Billies, Martha

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Canadian Tire as a proxy for Canada. Recalling the values and principles that have made Canada a great nation and Canadian Tire a great company, and why we should do so. Some personal background of the speaker, and some reasons for her recent actions. Concern for the self-reliance cherished at Canadian Tire. Canada's danger of being sidelined in the increasingly competitive world that globalisation is creating. Ways Canadians can improve productivity, and the productivity of our boardrooms. How the speaker sees her role as a shareholder and a director. The relationship between board and management. Qualities of board members. Advantages of an independent board. The role of women in Canadian business, and some thoughts of their current status. Two illustrative examples of self-reliance at Canadian Tire. Profit-sharing. Respect and reward. The concept of associate dealer stores. Sense of family at Canadian Tire. Surviving the box stores. New challenges. On-line shopping. Canada as a nation of perpetual opportunity, and how that is so. A call to action.