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Some references to past speeches at the Empire Club, and the founding of the Club. Anticipating and responding to the changing risk environment at the heart of Lloyd's. A focus on helping the business community understand and respond to today's risks. Some figures from Canada. Lloyd's as a very significant provider of insurance for terrorism risks in Canada and for Canadian interests abroad. Why Lloyd's believes that instability is an issue of rising importance for 21st-century business leaders. Sharing thoughts on practical action business can take to manage and mitigate the risks. How business is as much at risk as government. Some illustrative facts and history. Changes to Canada's risk profile. The danger of complacency. Incorrect decisions being made and why. The wider issue. A review of major risks. Why to invest in IT security. The real threat of terrorism. What the CSIS says. Public-private partnerships. Canada's lack of a terrorism pool in place. The need for long-term thinking. The need for business to be part of the solution. What the corporate sector can do. Some concluding thoughts.