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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

A vivid description of Toronto in 1848 on a late February afternoon, enabling the audience a mental picture of what life was like. 1848 the beginning of the enterprise of the Consumers Gas Company. The role of the lamplighter. Consumers Gas as one of the very first shareholder-owned energy companies on the continent. Changes and growth to the company's position today. A description of the company, with dollar figures, statistics of employment, and services provided. A review of the energy industry and energy market today. The October 31, 1985 Agreement among the governments of Canada, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan on Natural Gas Markets and Prices (known as the "Halloween Agreement") and what it accomplished. Ways in which the agreement has worked. Effects of deregulation in the buying and selling of natural gas. A new era of competition and the resultant drop in prices. The Canadian gas industry efficient and responsive. Just the beginning; what will come next in terms of real competition, customer expectations, a more fiscally prudent government. Basic questions in front of the energy industry executives these days, and a response to them. The questions are: "What are the options open to us? How do we prepare our companies to play by the new rules: In fact how can we help get those rules?" Examples of what Consumers Gas is doing, how they are changing and growing and responding to the new rules. Realising a vision of being "a fully integrated utility and energy services company." What is needed to do that. The biggest change in the energy sector the way in which the electricity industry operates in Canada. The need for change. The Macdonald Committee, commissioned by the Ontario government to report on how to improve competition in Ontario's electricity industry. Comments on their report. A priority to introduce competition in electricity markets. A review of Ontario electricity system now. Fundamental structural changes that will have to be made in our energy industry, and our electricity industry in particular. A re-statement of Consumers Gas' position with regard to fair competition. Investment of Consumers Gas dictated by Ontario's investment climate, by the performance of Ontario's economy, and by the establishment of fair competition in the energy business, continent-wide. Progress on the first two conditions; concern about the third. The customer and the community to benefit the most. Consumers Gas looking forward to the next 150 years.