Vladimir Putin

Seager, Rev. C.A.

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Canada's particular, specific relation to the League of Nations. Activities and success of the League of Nations. The significance of the International Court of Justice. What the League really stands for. Seeing in the League of Nations the beginning of a great new thing which the speaker ventures to call the International Civilization. Cogent reasons why every Canadian who takes his citizenship as a responsibility should put his shoulder to the wheel to strengthen Canada's contribution to the life of the League. Canada as one of the nations signatory of the Peace of Versailles; part of the Peace of Versailles is the Covenant of the League of Nations. The formative influences which are creating and determining the development of the character and the destiny of Canada: our geographical position between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans; our close proximity to the greatest republic in the world; our intimate relationship with every nation on the globe through our share in the life of the British Empire. A discussion of each of these three forces and what they mean to Canada and Canadians. The speaker's desire to leave upon the mind of everyone in the audience a general impression that in this League of Nations we have something to read and to study and to understand and to take our responsible part in. Some concluding reasons why we should do so.