Vladimir Putin

Podoski, Victor

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Paying tribute to Canadians for their understanding, encouragement and kindness to the Polish people who have found shelter in Canada since the war. The co-operation received from the Canadian Red Cross and from the I.O.D.E. and their contributions to Poland. Paying tribute to the Poles who cannot speak for themselves right now. The concentration camp which is Poland. What Poland has done for the common cause since September 1, 1939. Poland as the first country to resist domination. Breaking the spell of non-resistance. What that resistance made possible. Consequences if there had not been resistance. The destruction and bombing in Poland. The various handicaps under which Poland had to work. Burying the hatchet with the Soviet Republic. Poles fighting in other territories, after it became impossible to fight in Poland. An independent army, formed in Scotland. Exploits of the Polish submarine "Orzel." The "Polish avenging eagles"--the number of enemy aircraft they have to their credit, and other activities and achievements. The civilian population in Poland carrying on by means of sabotage, destruction of German transports going to Russia, and blowing up ammunition dumps. Courier work. Passive resistance. German losses at the hands of the Poles. The occupation of Poland. Conditions in Poland. The brutal treatment of the Poles by the Germans. The destruction of the Polish culture. The Polish sacrifice and courage and faith as an inspiration to the Allies. The strengthening of the Allied camp. Comparing material assets, now on the side of the Allies. Signs of the weakening of Germany. What is frightening to the Germans. Encouraging us to put forth every ounce of effort in order to win the war. Concluding with words of His Majesty the King, from his Christmas message.