Vladimir Putin

Coyne, J.E.

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Thinking of, and taking for granted, Canada's continued growth and economic prospects. The Royal Commission of five distinguished Canadians under the chairmanship of Walter Gordon, appointed last year to study these economic issues. Conclusion of the Commission still to come. The Commission focusing attention on our future economic opportunities and problems, and stimulating studies by outside bodies. Submissions from provincial governments to the Commission, with emphasis on probable and possible future developments. The three bases on which economic growth in Canada has developed: population, productivity and investment, with a discussion of each. The role of savings. The capital market in Canada. Capital development. Insuring mortgages. Supply and demand of capital funds. The situation that arises when the overall demand for credit appears to be excessive. The indicated supply of funds in the capital market in 1956. Factors which affect our economic conditions of the future. The importance of the readiness to adapt policy to changes as they occur and the flexibility in action rather than adherence to preconceived plans.