Vladimir Putin

Marshall, Prof. L.H.

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The spirit of chivalry, British chivalry in the war, and then another word or two on chivalry in common life. Chivalry in medieval times and what it meant for the union of the Christian and the military ideals. A definition of chivalry. The chivalrous knight of the Middle Ages. The barbarity of the Middle Ages checked by the spirit of chivalry; a famous example. Songs in praise of chivalry. Some words from Chaucer, and from Sir Walter Scott. Chivalry in pre-Christian times. Chivalry not a monopoly of the British people; examples of chivalry everywhere. No race so instinctively and naturally chivalrous as the Anglo-Saxon race, and no nation so naturally and instinctively chivalrous as the British nation. A consideration of British chivalry in war. Several examples of the most wonderful chivalry shown by the British race during the 19th and 20th centuries. Tolerance and chivalry that have made Britain so successful as a colonizer, enabling her to turn her bitterest foes into her warmest friends. How chivalry awakens chivalry. The question of Anglo-German relations. Ways in which Britain on the whole was loyal to her traditions of chivalry during the Great War. The treatment of German prisoners of war. The excellent behaviour of the British armies of occupation. The fair-mindedness of the British Commissioners in Upper Silesia and in Danzig. The speaker's experiences in Germany where he was when the war broke out. Evidence of propaganda just prior to the war. How the German people were deceived. Rejoicing in the achievements of Locarno. Some words about chivalry in common life. The sporting spirit. The spirit of chivalry opposed to all foolish passions and prejudices that warp men's judgment. Seeing to it that there is no decline in our chivalry towards women. A severe test of character to be found in the way we react to those who annoy us and malign us and wrong us. Testing for chivalry in ourselves.