Vladimir Putin

Pamela Wallin

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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

Declaring a small bias. New York City. Some quotes about Americans and Canadians. The diplomat's job. Some American and Canadian traits. The nature of relationships. Some differences between Americans and Canadians. Differences within our countries rather than between them, and ways in which that is so. Getting past stereotypes. Dealing with these relationships in everybody's best interest. Predicting, controlling or managing myriad erupting events and making them more predictable as the key. Class mistakes that we make. Thickening borders. Our integrated economies. The issue of security. Some statistics on trade. The crucial importance of open borders. An analogy. Knowing our largest customer. Listening and learning. A review of some key historical events. The post-9/11 world. Communication and understanding and confidence. Canada - letting its own light shine. A final quote.