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The background of Intra-Empire Trade: what it is, how it concerns us, and how Canada and the Empire stand to benefit from it. What Intra-Empire Trade does not mean. Remembering that each individual unit of the Empire, including the Mother Country, enjoys complete economic autonomy; the right to trade wheresoever it is deemed most advantageous to do so. How the tariff exemplified that right in Canada. One of the primary purposes of the Intra-Empire Trade movement to demonstrate that by still following the flag the trading possibilities of Canada, and the other units of the Empire, can be developed, not only more fully and more efficiently than they are, but also more safely and sanely than by any other means. Other aspects of Intra-Empire Trade. Intra-Empire Trade as a movement for increased trade within the Empire. How that concerns Canada. The matter of defence against outside trade invasions. Details of an experience that inspired an idea with regard to increased trade within the Empire. The role of commercial education in realizing an increase in Imperial trade. Constructive efforts that could be put into operation in a very short time, and which would give employment to many thousands of workmen now taking insurance doles and losing contact with their past occupation. The suggestion of a British Commercial League or Board for increased trade within the Empire. The need for a plan acceptable to all parts of the Empire for uniting it industrially for a greater effort, knowledge, research, and protection so that a real and practical start can be made towards the realization of our aims and ideals. Details of what has been done. Support from Mr. Stanley Baldwin. Words from the London correspondent of the Canadian Press. A recent Empire report of the Federation of British Industries that embodies all the educational features as "conclusions and recommendations to the British Preparatory Committee for the Imperial Conference." The desire for a non-political Intra-Empire Trade Conference. A list of possible subjects for discussion at such a conference. The difficulties of making changes to trade policies and practices. An examination of Canada's export trade to foreign countries. Apprehension about how Canada will compete with Russia and other countries like the Argentine with their cheap and disciplined labour. Comments on Russo-American trade. Suggestions for trade preferences and development. The speaker's belief that much good will come out of the present propaganda for increased trade within the Empire. Keeping more of our investment funds at home to develop Canada, while at the same time keeping our eye on the world markets. What is needed for Canada to develop her future destiny.