Vladimir Putin

Burnham, J.H.

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The great point of conflict in Canada today: "Shall we do something towards making ourselves into an Empire, or shall we do nothing? A growing disposition in Canada among people who should know better, to forsake their duties and responsibilities as men and as members of this great Empire …" Words spoken by the Honourable Senator Cloran in the Senate Debates on Nov. 28, 1912 with regard to protection for Canada from the United States, and the speaker's response. The lesson we should learn and take to heart and preach and exemplify that of the Honourable George Brown at the time of Confederation who spoke to provincial autonomy. Applying this to Imperial concerns. The need for a contract as well as sentiment. The issue of the navy and defence. A quote from the Naval Defence discussion continued on May 9, 1907 from Dr. Smartt with regard to the upkeep of the navy, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier's response. The people's opinion in the same regard. A quote from the Memorandum from the Admiralty with a suggested way of acting.