Vladimir Putin

Wright, Dr. Douglas T.

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Critical times for Canada as we are being challenged to develop new ways of doing things, to develop and adopt new technologies, to be far more innovative than we have ever been before. The challenge to develop a whole new economic framework to meet the threat of much more intensive competition. How the new world economy will affect all phases of endeavour whether we look at our resource industries, manufacturing, or even the service sector. Consequences of not meeting these challenges. Details of our failure, so far, to be sufficiently innovative. Countries that are resource-poor but technology-rich. Suggestions for the best way to go about developing and employing the new technologies and products needed to compete. The contribution to be made by universities. Some report remarks from the Corporate Higher Education Forum "Spending Smarter" which discusses co-operation in research among business, government and the universities. Financial difficulties and the root cause of public indifference. How this situation developed: a detailed exploration, with several examples of situations at other universities. Consequences of under-funding for students. Losing our faculty to better-paying universities in other countries. The effect of a massive new wave of support for higher education in the U.S. Turning the situation around and meeting the challenge of exciting opportunities in the high-tech era. What Canadian universities can and should be doing so that we can develop our own expertise. An example from Waterloo. Asking Canadians to ensure that this kind of activity can continue.