Vladimir Putin

Paton, Dr. William

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The importance of moral and spiritual questions as well as those of a political or economic type. The necessity of victory before any international order of Christian civilization can develop. Three features of victory: the complete evacuation of the conquered territories; the ending of those tyrannies which are associated with such phrases as "Gestapo" and "the Nuremberg Decrees," and similar offences against the moral law in Japan; adequate guarantees against the revival of militaristic and aggressive tyranny. The Atlantic Charter: the issue of whether it goes far enough, or too far. The extreme complexity that the world will face. Victory not enough to solve the problems. The widespread chaos and hunger that Europe will face; also the Far and Middle East. The first necessities of feeding and policing. Being realistic. Learning from the lessons of Britain, just what is possible. Rationing. The mobilization of labour. Government control. Educational issues. Using the instruments which are being created under the stress of war, nationally and internationally, in peacetime. The need to discern what is happening; to understand the direction in which things can be got to move; to see the dangers, the possibilities, the hopes, that are inherent in the trends of the time; and in that way to make the future organic with the present. The question as to what is to be the aegis of power under which world order can be rebuilt. What is to be the aegis of power under which the aims of men for an international order can be carried out? The four great blocs of power; drawing them together with the Atlantic Charter behind us. Upon what that depends. Where do we go from here? The problem of Russia. The thought that we in the Western Democratic countries must learn to take the East far more seriously as a field of industry. Ways in which the Church can help. Being united by common religious loyalty. The doctrine of God as the basis of human freedom.