Vladimir Putin

Dr. Jayson Myers

Thursday, October 2, 2008

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A Time of Extraordinary economic Challenge, Living in a Global Economy

A time of extraordinary economic challenge. Living in a global economy. The impact of the U.S. credit crisis. The speaker's opinion as to what we are in for in terms of the financial markets. Reflecting on what it means to create real economic wealth. The few ways to produce tangible goods. Manufacturing as adding value in the production of tangible goods. Manufacturing as an important part of the Canadian and Ontario economies. Some figures. Manufacturing as part of the total economic activity. The home of Canada's innovators. Finding solutions for customer problems. Other perspectives on manufacturing and its contributions. Canada's challenge. The role of manufacturing to meet that challenge. Sustaining prosperity in a 21st-century economy. Perspectives on manufacturing, its challenges, and its future in Canada. Why the speaker is optimistic. Competing and growing in light of new global market realities. Some realities about production itself. The new age of manufacturing. The BlackBerry and what it represents. What will shape the future of Canadian manufacturing. Leadership. Encouraging investment in productive assets. The role of government and what it should be. Business, governments, labour, and communities working together. Four priorities to achieve a specific goal. Announcements. The new Smart Manufacturing Program. Taking action now.