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Gardiner, Frederick

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What we find in Toronto symptomatic of what is going on in every large city in North America: migration from the country to the city. The result of that movement. Metropolitan Toronto as a moderate-sized city that managed to get itself splintered into too many pieces. A new type of development going on called "strip developments" which join up one city after another. An example of this in the Golden Horseshoe of industrial development from Oshawa to Niagara Falls along the north shore of Lake Ontario. A city as it used to be, for the walking man and horse and buggy. A history of the city, and Toronto, and its development. The City and the Suburbs. The establishment of Metropolitan Toronto. The metropolitan council. How the plan of amalgamation has succeeded; some details of development. The one defect of the metropolitan system of government: it does not conform to the principle of representation by population. How that might be corrected. Creating the five cities of Toronto, York, North York, Etobicoke and Scarborough, with representation by population in a Metropolitan Council. Facing the future.