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Malik, The Honourable Sardar Hardit Singh

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Some personal anecdotes that illustrate the lack of knowledge about India in North America. India's experience since independence. An idea of the plan for the future of India, and a word or two about India's conception of their place among the nations of the world. The anticipation of independence by the Indian people. Frustration and apprehension over the partitioning of India into two countries. The violence that followed, and the causes of it. Mahatma Gandhi's role in diminishing the violence. The assassination of Gandhi, and the aftermath. Establishing the principle that India was a secular state in which men and women of all religions and all races and all creeds were equal in the eyes of the law. The case of the Hyderabad State. The Indian Princely States, and solutions found. The severe economic crisis inherited by the Government of India. Shortage of food and other essentials; also the threat of inflation. The law, order and peace that now exists throughout India. The Government of India going ahead in various fields of nation building and nation development. Problems with Pakistan. Plans for the future. Some specific details in the fields of education, health, agriculture, power, industry. The future Constitution. Social reform. Prime Minister Pandit Nehru as an internationalist in the true sense of the word. Establishing relationships with other parts of the world. India and foreign affairs. Working towards removing the disparity between the living conditions of the Western part of the world and the living conditions of the East. Meeting threats to peace through prosperity. The speaker's opinion that India is placed in a unique position today. India providing a synthesis between the old world and the new; finding peace, contentment and understanding within that synthesis.