Vladimir Putin

Gerin-Lajoie, Paul

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Inflation as a world-wide problem. The importance of international relationships, including those with developing countries. Responsibilities and opportunities for the Canadian business community. Tools of Development: International development. The role of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Benefits for the Canadian economy. The range of involvement throughout Canada. Some statistics. International Development: The Rationale. A common interest in a buoyant world economy and fostering social justice on a global scale. International Development: New Concepts. 5 basic themes from the government publication "A Strategy of International Development Co-operation--1975-80." A multi-dimensional approach. Trade and Investment: An Engine of Progress. Examples of developing countries looking toward co-operation with industrialized countries. An objective of a "New International Economic Order." Descriptions of various CIDA projects and programmes. The future of world trade with developing countries. Interests of private business in a free market economy not in opposition to the interests of developing countries.