Vladimir Putin

Durkee, Michael L.

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An attempt to answer the question: "If the Cold War is over, why don't we feel any better?" Answers include the persistent global recession, the relentless images of human tragedy which appear through the media every day, and the disorientation which occurs when an old frame of reference falls away and nations must devise a new way of doing business with one another. A discussion of these premises follow, beginning with a review, an historical perspective since the end of the Second World War, of the way things were, and how to face the challenges of the post-Cold War environment. Some topics include the following. The new environment of economic competition. Some global trends: the globalization of the marketplace, and protectionism, resulting in a move from the old bipolar system to a world of three central economic powers: North America, Asia, and Europe. The current situation for the United States and Canada, and between them. Characteristics of economic prosperity. Cooperation between the United States and Canada, and potential results. Possibilities for this relationship between developing nations.