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Copps, The Hon. Sheila

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First, a sales pitch for Canada Book Day. The book industry in Canada today and yesterday. Reinforcing the competitiveness of Canadian publishers. Canadian culture as a national priority, and why the government of Prime Minister Chretien has made it so. Canadian culture and what it means. Some figures to illustrate the openness of Canada to other cultures. Dollars contributed to our GDP through our cultural sector. Protecting Canadian creators in the law. Examples of growth in some of Canada's cultural industries. The magazine bill and why it was voted in. Canada, playing host to the first international meeting of ministers of culture to discuss cultural diversity, and what came out of that meeting. Culture as the very essence of nationhood. Cultural diversity as the heart and soul of Canada, and how that is so. The Empire Club as a classic Canadian example of just what our nation hopes to achieve in forum after forum. Enormous challenges and an even greater responsibility to our children and the future. A quote from Mahatma Ghandi.