Vladimir Putin

Henderson, Larry

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The Soviet challenge in Asia at a time when the Communist economic threat is assuming ever greater proportions. Examples of Khrushchov's economic contributions in various countries. Soviet development of the underdeveloped countries with the proportions of a major political assault on the economies of the free world. Some details of Western aid for comparison. The trend of underdeveloped countries to turn to Russia and away from the West for their technical development. Questioning the ultimate objective of the Soviet programme. The speaker's travels in Russia and findings pertinent to this issue. Looking at Soviet success. The West in the field of defence. The threat to the West of increasing provocations around the periphery of the communist world. Disadvantages of the Western world in terms of defence readiness. Consequences of the Soviet economic offensive. The need for much closer study and reporting with regard to Soviet development in Asia. What can we do and what do we want to do? What are we willing to do in order to build and preserve democracy? Looking at Canada's education records and economic priorities. The importance of understanding the developments taking place today, to know how to choose freely the path that we will follow.