Vladimir Putin

Jaenicke, Dr. Joachim

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The challenge to Germany as that to the entire free world: the twin challenge to Freedom and to Peace; how to maintain, how to protect, and how to strengthen Freedom and Peace, Peace and Freedom. A look at the world situation today. The free world losing ground to Communist expansion since 1945. The situation in and for Germany; a partitioned Germany. Effects on Germany of the Marshal Plan, particularly in terms of aid. A rebuilt Germany due to Freedom, Foreign Aid, and the Will to Work. Germany's aim with regard to relations with other nations. Concerns about the Common Market, the Six and the Seven for Canada. Supporting a liberal trade policy. Avoiding a trade split in Europe. Challenges to Germany in 1961 and what Germany is trying to do about them. The Berlin situation. The challenge to freedom connected with Germany's immediate past. Confronting the dark past: what Germany and its people are doing, in some detail. Restitution and indemnification, with some facts and figures. Germany's contribution to developing countries. The spirit in which Germany and its leaders approach the future.