Vladimir Putin

Prince of Wales

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An expression of the speaker's impressions of Canada in military terms. The speaker's attractive impression of the young and free spirit he found in the West, with a realization of the great future and development lying before it. Time spent over the last three weeks back in the east in Southern and Western Ontario. Comments on the orderly and settled look of the whole country. Admiration for what three or four enterprising and vigorous generations have achieved. The realization that association the East of Canada with industry, and the West with agricultural, is wrong. The speaker's interest in the agricultural side of Ontario, and his purchase of a ranch in southern Alberta. Paying tribute to the farmers of Ontario. The welfare of the whole Empire as the big question for all of us, and taking a new shape since the war. The Dominions no longer colonies, but sister nations of the British nation. The new and very difficult kind of responsibility now set upon all of us. The unity of the Empire in the war as the feature least expected by our enemies, and most effective in saving the liberties of the world. Keeping up that standard of patriotism and unity of which we shoed ourselves capable during the long struggle. The need for unity and co-operation now in peace time.

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