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Sharp, The Honourable Mitchell W.

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Mr. Sharp was unable to fly from Ottawa due to unfavourable weather conditions. His address was read by Colonel Hilborn. The relationship between English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians. Learning to be Canadians. The self-examining Canadian. The root of the separatist movement in both Quebec and English-speaking parts of Canada. The search for a national identity. The speaker's assertion that we should assume that we have one. The asset of a bilingual country. Some remarks about Canada and Canadians. Two convictions that the speaker has formed in the process of learning to be a Canadian. First, his credentials and background. The two assertions: there are two societies in Canada; the existence of these two societies is fully compatible with the development of Canada's nation-state. The proof through Canadian history. An exploration of this issue. The speaker's acceptance and value of such a bilingual, bicultural, or multicultural Canada. A discussion of the relationship between Quebec and the rest of Canada. The division of federal and provincial authorities. A belief that the will to unity is present in the overwhelming majority of all Canadians of both societies.