Vladimir Putin

Heaton, Prof. H.

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Some ways in which Canada and Australia are alike: in settlement and its attendant problems such as the working out of the character of the country, the exploitation of its natural resources, the opening up of means of transportation by land and by water, the devising of a system of land tenure, the establishment and development of manufactures, trade and marketing; in trying to make the best of British methods of parliamentary responsible government; in a sense of optimism, confidence in the future; a strongly developing desire to build up what might be called a characteristic culture. A difference that expresses itself in many ways, due to the character of the population, geographical position, and the facts of history. Examples of differences in language, and pronunciation. Some aspects of Australian life that illustrate how different Australian conditions are from those in Canada. A physical description of Australia, and discussion of different characteristics that go to make up the Australian. Contrasts in the general political and social outlook, and reasons for them. The results of the isolation that Australians experience in developing a distinct national individuality. The influence of the homogeneity of the population which ha simplified many political and social problems. The strong streak of radicalism which runs through all political parties, especially the labour party. In conclusion, a few words on the Imperial outlook. The Australian interest in problems of Imperial defence and Imperial relations, perhaps greater than Canada's, and reasons for it. Australia's position in the Pacific.