Vladimir Putin

Woodside, Willson

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Stalin's biggest headache: Titoism in the form of Tito's defiance. The speaker's pleasure at hearing Stalin's discomfort over the Moscow Radio. Titoism as a very serious heresy in the world church of Communism. How Titoism has revealed the weaknesses of the new Muscovite imperialism. The breaking away of Yugoslavia from the absolute dictation of the Kremlin. The success of Titoism as a powerful incentive and encouragement to those other subjugated peoples to continue the struggle and seek their time, and also as a dramatic warning to other nations still beyond Soviet control. The Yugoslav Communist leader's offering of correspondence, to various countries including Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria, of correspondence with Stalin which preceded the break in an attempt to prove that "they are real upholders of the Leninist tradition." How Titoism has completely split the Norwegian Communist party, and other such effects. How the Soviets have tried to check Titoism. What exactly is meant by Titoism. What Tito says about Stalin and Soviet Communism, and how damaging it has been. Possible moves by the Soviets as a result of the damage caused by Tito. Soviet attempts to do away with Tito and his following. The Soviet economic blockade which they hoped would bring down Tito. The belief that Stalin is bound now to use military force to make an end to Tito's defiance. Indications that a big crisis will arise in the Balkans and Central Europe in the spring. Speculation as to what Stalin and Tito might do. The policy of helping Tito and a discussion as to whether this is a sound and realistic policy. Imposing conditions on aid to Tito. What we might demand of Tito. Believing in freedom and working vigorously to pry away at the weak joints of the Soviet tyranny. Suggestions to counter the spread of Communism. A warning from the speaker not to waste time.