Vladimir Putin

Cowpland, Dr. Michael

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Corel's views of what's happening in the world of Windows software and the exciting world of the Web and Java software ahead. Corel ready for a whole new surge of growth. Opportunities in the Windows and the Java area ahead. 30 years since Marshall McLuhan proclaimed the concept of the "global village." A whole new mechanism of economic wealth creation. A chart that shows that to reach 50 million North American users it took radio 38 years, ATV 13 years and the Web only five years. This momentum driven by three exponential laws: Moore's Law, Gilder's Bandwidth Law, Metcalfe's Network Law. A quote from Bill Gates. Statistics with regard to people on-line. Some figures with regard to Windows and Java. Microsoft as a formidable competitor. Slides of Corel's position today and some of Corel's latest products.