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Riddell, The Honourable William Renwick

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A review of historical events from the 1750's. Franklin's attitude towards Canada; his interest always in America. Examples of his dexterity and ability as a pamphleteer. The celebrated "Canada pamphlet." A detailed review of Franklin's words and arguments as outlined in these pamphlets. The prevailing of Franklin's argument: Canada was retained; the fear of French-Canadians and French-Indians was removed; what Vergennes had prophesied took place; the Thirteen Colonies rebelled and the old British Empire was rent in twain to be time destroyed and a new British Empire built on the old foundations. Franklin not done with Canada when he had successfully advocated its retention by Britain. Thoughts and actions with regard to obtaining Canada as the fourteenth state. Attempting to sway Canada to the American cause. Ways in which Franklin was objectionable to the French-Canadians. Canada having Franklin to thank in great measure for her being as she is the brightest jewel in the British Crown, and for her flying the flag that braved a thousand years the battle and the breeze; forgiving him for the fruitless attempt to sever her destinies from the rest of the British world.