Vladimir Putin

Pratt, Courtney

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Some of the speaker's own observations about the nature and consequences for Canadians of changes in the steel industry around the world, across North America and at Stelco itself. Dispelling some notions. Steel as a global industry, second only to oil in the commodity sector. The increase in the pace of growth and change. The China factor. Restructuring in te North American industry. The factor of investment capital. The court-supervised restructing of Stelco. The CCAA process. The goal of a viable Stelco. An analysis of the situation and the risks Stelco faces. Discussion, review, a restructuring plan to be developed. Significant intangible problsm that Stelco faces. The result of some poor business decisison over the years. Questions from some observers. The challenge. Changing the culture and mistrust that has developed. An optimistic view.