Vladimir Putin

Rathom, John R.

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The machinery of the United States, a little to get into motion, is in motion, and the statement made by the President true: that the United States is in this thing to her last dollar and her last drop of blood. Stories of the discovery of German espionage in the United States. The Germans, unable to understand a mind unlike their own State-made mind. The Germans, forgetting in their real intelligence in certain directions that other people may have some intelligence also. An illustrative example. The fire in the Ottawa Parliament Buildings, and the blowing up of two Canadian munitions factories. German attempts to frighten the Anglo-Saxon people. A word about Canada. The depth of sentiment and the change of sentiment that has come over the people of the United States in regard to the people of Canada since the beginning of the war. The need for visionaries in Canada. Concluding with some lines from Thomas Hardy.