Vladimir Putin

Cockshutt, Colonel The Honourable Henry

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Some impressions of a visit made, with members of the speaker's family, early in the year, to South America. The natural resources of the Argentine Republic and Brazil. These resources as objects of forthcoming enterprises. Canadians on the spot. The beauty of Buenos Aires. A description of the population, community, parks, public squares, cathedral, palace, Government House, etc. The export trade of Argentina centred on Buenos Aires. Goods produced and shipped. Agricultural interests. An air of prosperity and the promise of unbounded development. An example of what Canadian business courage could accomplish abroad as found in the experience of the Brazilian Power Company, a Canadian organization which developed on a large scale in the South, manned ad operated by Canadians to furnish power, tram, gas and light service to Rio de Janeiro. A more detailed description of this company and what it did. The welcome received by the speaker and for other Canadians. Goodwill expressed towards Great Britain. The political status of the Canadian Trade Commissioners in South America. The lack of a Canadian Legation and problems for the Trade Commissioners due to that lack.. Appealing to Britain to attach the Canadian Trade commissioners to the British Embassies or Legations.