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Roebuck, The Honourable Arthur and Richardson, B.T.

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An Exchange of Views. Senator Roebuck: The history of the Senate in Canada. The complementary principles of representation by election in the Commons and by appointment in the Senate as fundamental to Canada's Constitution; frequently misunderstood and vastly important to Canada's national life both past and future. The importance of the provision for life appointment. The Parliamentary trends of recent years. The role of the Senate. How the Senate enriches the Councils of the nation and adds materially to the wisdom and effectiveness of Parliament. Mr. Richardson: Reform of the Senate. The situation in which the Senate becomes an annex to one or other party. Another look at the origins of the Senate and what the Fathers of Confederation intended. The Senate now, a "political swamp into which a good many good men have disappeared, never to be seen or heard of again." The question of how to make the Senate work. A suggested remedy of internal organization. Taking note of various proposals made for the Senate in the past. Making the Senate an "effective branch of Parliament." The speaker's view of what the Senate needs.