Vladimir Putin

Fallis, Lieutenant-Colonel, The Rev. George

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Those who say that Canada was really born as a nation in its self-consciousness through the great battle of Vimy Ridge. Looking back over the years that are gone, and bringing close to our memories those men of the past. Honouring the memory of those men who fell at Vimy and who are symbolized in the great monument at Vimy Ridge. Reviewing the events of the past and interpreting their lives in a fashion that we would resolve to be better Canadians and do all we can to preserve and develop this country that they loved so very, very dearly. A call to think of them as real men. The speaker's feeling of misrepresentation at other memorial services. What might be said about these men that would please them. Here to honour the dead, and to inspire the living. Thinking of the comradeship of the men who laid down their lives at Vimy, and how that was fundamental in the making of the Canadian Corps. That spirit of comradeship and co-operation necessary in Canada at this very moment. The importance of knowing how to laugh, also to be learned from the soldiers. These soldiers as men of tremendous force and power because they had in their souls a spirit of religion. The speaker's belief that the men who died had a great vision of a warless world. Building up true and lasting memorials to these men by not losing sight of those great principles and those great ideals we have been struggling for over the last 20 years. A final word on peace and war.