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Stringer, Arthur

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Canadian authors and artists. The phenomenon of Canadian authors and artists leaving for New York or other parts of the United States. Canada as the only country in the world of continental dimensions which depends on foreigners for the spiritual refreshment and inspiration coming to us, or supposed to be coming to us, by way of the theatre. The lack of a motion picture industry in Canada. Hollywood's idea of a Royal Mounted Police. The problem of a foreign product that leaves us passive and subservient to something outside our own experience. The tendency to Americanize public sentiment, to cram down Canadian throats a type of character with which the Canadian does not sympathize and to impose upon Canadian youth an attitude towards both language and life. The continuous danger of denationalization. Ways in which Canada is different from the United States. The tendency of those abroad to throw Canada in with the United States. The result that Canadian audiences are denied the privilege of witnessing some 90% of English stage successes until and unless presented to them through the kindly offices of Broadway. Literary efforts. The function of poetry. A little theatre movement and Canada's active part in it. Canadian pride in her authors and poets. The Canadian Authors Association. Magazines of our own. An effort being made to keep the Canadian author at home. The search for a Canadian culture and identity. Speculations on the great Canadian novel. The need for a great and growing voice for the great and growing nation that is Canada.