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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

The issues facing Canada's generic drug industry, in particular the upcoming parliamentary review of the federal drug patent legislation, Bill C-91. The views of the Canadian Drug Manufacturers' Association. What the upcoming review will mean to the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, and the future of our health-care system. A description of the pharmaceutical industry in Canada, and our health-care system. The purpose of the upcoming review. Balancing the interest of the four major parties which will be affected by the changes of any new pharmaceutical legislation. The four parties: the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association of Canada (PMAC); the CDMA representing the views and interests of the general pharmaceutical companies; the governments which are the payers of medications supplied to the senior citizens and the welfare patients and private payers, employers who pay for drugs through employee-benefit plans. An examination of the need for balancing these four. An explanation and proof that the current legislation, Bill C-91, favours excessively the large brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers at the expense of Canadian consumers and the generic industry. The need for this anomaly to be rebalanced. The belief of members of the CDMA that brand-name companies which invest funds in developing new and effective medications are entitled to receive a fair return on their investments. The question as to what period of time it takes to recover R&D investments, and should the manufacturers be allowed to recover excessive returns as a result of extended patent protection. A detailed consideration of the health-care system in Canada, taking into account the cost of drugs. The history and impact of the generic industry in Canada. How the passing of Bill C-91 in 1993 was a major blow to the generic industry and to Canadians. The impact of this legislation in dollars. An illustration of the importance of the generic industry, with figures. The position of the PMAC companies as it relates to the upcoming review of Bill C-91 and how it will affect the development of the generic industry. The use and impact of patents in the pharmaceutical industry. Understanding the significance of the research activities proudly claimed by the innovative brand-name companies. How much is a fair amount that a consumer can afford to repay the real R&D costs. A brief discussion of the CDMA position and their concerns. Recommendations of the CDMA member companies to the Canadian government and the special Review Committee on Bill C-91. Some concluding remarks as to how Bill C-91 seriously hampers the expansion and the viability of the nascent national generic industry. The time for a rebalance of this inequality.